My2games is the private website and the label of the game author Hermann R. Deml. All games and creations published here are subject to the copyright of H.R. Deml. Digital art pictures with or without strategy and design games on fabric (as a tablecloth), plastic or noble pictures in metal print (recommend for wall or table with excellent colors are a very special room decoration.

Free download picture

Jump 1000

test the game and

make a comment

how meny points

you have after the

first complete play?

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Image files only for print shops and private use can be purchased inexpensively in our Etsy shop as an instant download.

Greeting card

Happy Valentine

as instand download by Etsy Shop  with the new solo game Jump 1000 for only     € 1,90

Happyshake Party Bang

a highlight

for your  Carnival party

Tablestar Art & Game 1

special for

metallic, acryllic or forex print


€ 17,85

Mental fit game poster 1

play for yourself alone and yourself
get mentally fit


click pic

Merchandise-based image files for commercial use for a period of 12 months can be completed in our Shop for companies.

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