You can immediately download my2games image files from Etsy / Digitalgameimages
For download for a fee, game image files are only for printing copy shops, Internet print shops or business CMYK printing.
Your purchased print file in the business shop contains a coded note for your copyright use only for print with no time limit.
Transfer of file copies is prohibited.
For an image file with board game we recommend the printout as a cheap DINA3 color copy on plastic (Forex) and acrylic.
For digital art files, I recommend Canvas, Acrylic, Metallic or Fabric (for example, as a tablecloth) at all print shops as exclusive home decor or greeting cards with design play as a special gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding or other occasions.
You would like to have a picture from the image gallery? Then send the picture no. with the contact form and you an email when the file is to be downloaded in the Etsy shop
New in the file shop: Dynasty bingo cards for business gold print to play on classy bingo cards.
Game rules and print accessories (if required) are available for free download from
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